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  • Leukemia-Induced Dysregulation of Bone Marrow Skeletal Stem Cells (SSC) Subpopulations and Their Hematopoietic Supportive Function
    Puneet Agarwal, Hui Li, Andrew J Paterson, Jianbo He, Ravi Bhatia
    ...Puneet Agarwal AJ Paterson Hui Li R Bhatia A.J. Paterson Paterson, A Li Agarwal, P Ravi Andrew Ravi, Bhatia Jianbo, He Paterson, Andrew J He Agarwal Bhatia Ravi Bhatia He Jianbo P Agarwal Bhatia, Ravi Li, H Andrew J Andrew J, Paterson Hui, Li Jianbo He Agarwal, Puneet Puneet Li Hui Ravi Bhatia J He ~~~
  • Inhibition of CML Development Following Conditional SIRT1 Deletion in Transgenic BCR-ABL Mice
    Ajay Abraham, Puneet Agarwal, Hui Li, Andrew Paterson, Jianbo He, Ravi Bhatia
    ...Abraham Puneet, Agarwal Abraham Ajay Agarwal Puneet Puneet Agarwal Hui Li R Bhatia Paterson, A Agarwal, P Li Ravi Ajay Abraham Andrew Ravi, Bhatia Jianbo, He He Agarwal Bhatia Ravi Paterson Andrew Bhatia He Jianbo P Agarwal Bhatia, Ravi Li, H A Abraham Paterson, Andrew Abraham, Ajay Abraham, A Hui, Li ~~~
  • Role of CXCL12-Expressing Bone Marrow Populations in Leukemic Stem Cell Regulation
    Puneet Agarwal, Hui Li, Andrew J Paterson, Jianbo He, Takashi Nagasawa, Ravi Bhatia
    ...A Paterson T Nagasawa Paterson, AJ Paterson, A.J Puneet Agarwal Nagasawa Hui Li AJ Paterson R Bhatia A.J. Paterson Agarwal, P Andrew Ravi, Bhatia Nagasawa Takashi Paterson, Andrew J Bhatia Ravi Bhatia He Jianbo P Agarwal Bhatia, Ravi Takashi, Nagasawa Andrew J Andrew J, Paterson Puneet Ravi Bhatia Andrew ~~~
  • Enhanced Targeting of FLT3-ITD+AML Stem Cells through Combined Inhibition of SIRT1 and Autophagic Flux
    Su Chu, Yao-Te Hsieh, Marcus JGW Ladds, Sonia Lane, Ravi Bhatia
    ...Ladds, Marcus JGW Lane Sonia Hsieh S Lane Ladds, MJ Y Hsieh Hsieh, Y Sonia Lane R Bhatia Marcus Ladds YaoTe Hsieh Ravi Sonia Marcus JGW Chu Marcus JGW Ladds Ravi, Bhatia Yao-Te Ladds Marcus JGW Sonia, Lane Bhatia Ravi Marcus Bhatia Hsieh, Yao-Te Bhatia, Ravi MJ Ladds Su, Chu Lane, Sonia MarcusJGW Ladds ~~~
  • Enhanced targeting of CML stem and progenitor cells by inhibition of porcupine acyltransferase in combination with TKI
    Puneet Agarwal, Bin Zhang, Yinwei Ho, Amy Cook, Ling Li, Fady M. Mikhail, Youzhen Wang, Margaret E. McLaughlin, Ravi Bhatia
    ...McLaughlin Youzhen Wang A Cook Cook Fady Bhatia, R Mikhail MargaretE McLaughlin Zhang, Bin B Zhang Cook, A Yinwei McLaughlin, ME Puneet Agarwal Li, Ling R Bhatia Mikhail Fady M. Youzhen Agarwal, P Ho Yinwei Ravi, Bhatia Bhatia Ravi Bhatia P Agarwal Cook, Amy Bhatia, Ravi FadyM Mikhail Y Ho Wang ~~~
  • BCL11B Is a Key Regulator of T-Lineage Differentiation during the Initial Stages of Human Thymopoiesis
    Vi Luan Ha, Annie Luong, Fan Li, David Casero, Jemily Malvar, Ravi Bhatia, Gay M Crooks, Chintan Parekh
    ...Parekh Annie Luong Vi Luan Ha Parekh Chintan Casero Ha, V.L Luong Annie Crooks R Bhatia Malvar Luong Jemily G Crooks G.M. Crooks Ravi, Bhatia Luong, Annie V Ha D Casero Bhatia Ravi David Bhatia Bhatia, Ravi Luong, A Parekh, Chintan Gay VL Ha Fan Fan Li Vi Crooks Gay M Gay M Crooks Fan, Li Annie, Luong ~~~
  • Inhibition of interleukin-1 signaling enhances elimination of tyrosine kinase inhibitor–treated CML stem cells
    Bin Zhang, Su Chu, Puneet Agarwal, Victoria L. Campbell, Lisa Hopcroft, Heather G. Jørgensen, Allen Lin, Karl Gaal, Tessa L. Holyoake, Ravi Bhatia
    ...B Zhang R Bhatia TL Holyoake Jørgensen, HG Ravi, Bhatia Tessa Bhatia Ravi Bhatia Bhatia, Ravi Chu, Su Chu, S Zhang Chu Su Karl Gaal Ravi Bhatia Heather Jørgensen Gaal, Karl Campbell, V.L S Chu A Lin Su Chu Allen V Campbell Jørgensen Heather G. Campbell, V Jørgensen, Heather G Jorgensen Puneet ~~~
  • Leukemia cells make ruthless competitors
    Ravi Bhatia
    ...Bhatia Bhatia, Ravi R Bhatia Ravi Bhatia Ravi Ravi, Bhatia Bhatia, R Bhatia Ravi 0006-4971 10.1182/blood-2014-09-601427 1528-0020 bloodjournal;124/19/2900 Leukemia cells make ruthless competitors MYELOID NEOPLASIA Free Research Articles innovative thinking, and inspired by Sutton’s “wisdom ~~~
  • TET2 Activity Is Modulated By SIRT1-Mediated Protein Deacetylation: A Potential Therapeutic Target in Myelodysplastic Syndrome
    Jie Sun, Yinghui Zhu, Zonghui Ding, Haojie Dong, Yimei Feng, Qiang Chen, Xiaochun Yu, Dandan Zhao, Herman Wu, Lifeng Feng, Kaoru Tohyama, Philipp Oberdoerffer, Bin Zhang, Ya-Huei Kuo, Ravi Bhatia, Hongchuan Jin, Guido Marcucci, Ling Li
    ...Sun Jie Lifeng Bhatia, R Zhao Kaoru, Tohyama Wu H Wu Zhang, Bin Zhao, D Oberdoerffer, P Yu, Xiaochun B Zhang Li, Ling R Bhatia Philipp, Oberdoerffer Chen Qiang Ravi, Bhatia Jie Sun Kuo Ya-Huei Dong, H Bhatia Ravi Bhatia Bhatia, Ravi Kuo, Ya-Huei Zhao, Dandan Tohyama Zhu, Yinghui J Sun Zhang G Marcucci ~~~
  • Progressive Decline in Late Mortality after Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (HCT) over 40 Years - a Report from BMTSS
    Liton F. Francisco, Saro Armenian, Mukta Arora, Yanjun Chen, Jessica Wu, James A. Watson, Lindsey Hageman, Emily C. Ness, Mariel Parman, Kevin D. Battles, Can-Lan Sun, Ravi Bhatia, Daniel J. Weisdorf, Stephen J. Forman, Smita Bhatia
    ...Lindsey Stephen J Forman Battles S Forman Emily C Ness Emily Ness Mariel Parman R Bhatia E.C. Ness Jessica, Wu LitonF Francisco Battles, Kevin D Ravi, Bhatia M Parman Forman, Stephen J Bhatia Ravi Mariel, Parman Bhatia Hageman Lindsey Bhatia, Ravi JamesA Watson Y Chen Jessica Watson James A. CanLan Sun ~~~