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  • SCL/TAL1: a multi-faceted regulator from blood development to disease
    Catherine Porcher, Hedia Chagraoui, Maiken S. Kristiansen
    ...therapeutic opportunities in SCL-positive T-ALL. Submitted December 6, 2016. Accepted January 17, 2017. Copyright © 2017 American Society of Hematology Kristiansen Porcher, Catherine H Chagraoui Chagraoui Chagraoui, H M Kristiansen Hedia Kristiansen, MS MS Kristiansen Hedia ~~~
  • Differential use of SCL/TAL-1 DNA-binding domain in developmental hematopoiesis
    Mira T. Kassouf, Hedia Chagraoui, Paresh Vyas, Catherine Porcher
    ...Vyas, P Porcher, Catherine Vyas H Chagraoui Mira Kassouf Mira T Chagraoui Chagraoui, H Kassouf Hedia Vyas, Paresh Hedia, Chagraoui Porcher, C P Vyas Kassouf, MT Chagraoui, Hedia Catherine, Porcher Paresh M.T. Kassouf MiraT Kassouf Chagraoui Hedia Kassouf Mira T Porcher Catherine MT Kassouf Hedia ~~~
  • SCL-mediated regulation of the cell-cycle regulator p21 is critical for murine megakaryopoiesis
    Hedia Chagraoui, Mira Kassouf, Sreemoti Banerjee, Nicolas Goardon, Kevin Clark, Ann Atzberger, Andrew C. Pearce, Radek C. Skoda, David J. P. Ferguson, Steve P. Watson, Paresh Vyas, Catherine Porcher
    ...RC Skoda Paresh Ferguson, D.J C Porcher Radek C, Skoda Catherine DavidJP Ferguson Skoda Kevin, Clark N Goardon Ann Atzberger Pearce, AC H Chagraoui Chagraoui, H Kassouf Ferguson, D Sreemoti Banerjee Watson, SP Steve Watson Ann Hedia, Chagraoui Watson, S Kassouf Mira Banerjee, S Banerjee Watson Radek ~~~
  • Characterisation of SCL DNA-Binding Functions In Vivo in Haematopoiesis.
    Mira Kassouf, Anna Schuh, Hedia Chagraoui, Eduardo Anguita, Doug Higgs, Paresh Vyas, Catherine Porcher
    ...Anguita, E Schuh, Anna Mira Anguita Eduardo Eduardo Anguita H Chagraoui Chagraoui, H Chagraoui Kassouf Higgs, D Anna Schuh Hedia, Chagraoui Porcher, C Kassouf Mira E Anguita Eduardo, Anguita Chagraoui, Hedia Schuh, A Doug, Higgs Doug Chagraoui Hedia Higgs Porcher Catherine D Higgs Hedia Chagraoui Anguita ~~~
  • Adenoviral Mediated TGF-β1inhibition in a Murine Model of Myelofibrosis Can Prevent and Cure Bone Marrow Fibrosis Development.
    Thomas Gastinne, Orianne Wagner-Ballon, Micheline Tulliez, Hedia Chagraoui, William Vainchenker, Stephane Giraudier
    ...Vainchenker Stephane, Giraudier Thomas Gastinne Giraudier, S Gastinne Tulliez Micheline Orianne Vainchenker, William William O Wagner-Ballon Giraudier, Stephane H Chagraoui Chagraoui Chagraoui, H Tulliez W Vainchenker Orianne, Wagner-Ballon Stephane Giraudier Gastinne, T Hedia, Chagraoui S Giraudier Gastinne ~~~
  • Proteasome Inhibitor Bortezomib Can Inhibit Bone Marrow Fibrosis Development in a Murine Model of Myelofibrosis.
    Orianne Wagner-Ballon, Thomas Gastinne, Micheline Tulliez, Catherine Lacout, Didier Pisani, Hedia Chagraoui, Jean-Luc Villeval, William Vainchenker, Stephane Giraudier
    ..., Tulliez Stephane D Pisani Vainchenker Jean-Luc Villeval Lacout, Catherine Stephane, Giraudier Lacout Catherine Jean-Luc Lacout, C Thomas Gastinne Catherine Giraudier, S Gastinne Tulliez Micheline Orianne Vainchenker, William William O Wagner-Ballon J Villeval Giraudier, Stephane H Chagraoui Chagraoui, H ~~~
  • A major role of TGF-β1 in the homing capacities of murine hematopoietic stem cell/progenitors
    Claude Capron, Catherine Lacout, Yann Lécluse, Valérie Jalbert, Hédia Chagraoui, Sabine Charrier, Anne Galy, Annelise Bennaceur-Griscelli, Elisabeth Cramer-Bordé, William Vainchenker
    ...Jalbert Valérie Lacout, C Bennaceur-Griscelli, A Galy, Anne Catherine Capron, Claude Galy Vainchenker, William Cramer-Bordé Elisabeth Annelise BennaceurGriscelli Charrier, S Jalbert, V William H Chagraoui Chagraoui Chagraoui, H Galy, A Sabine, Charrier C Capron W Vainchenker Elisabeth Cramer ~~~
  • Prominent role of TGF-β1 in thrombopoietin-induced myelofibrosis in mice
    Hédia Chagraoui, Emiko Komura, Micheline Tulliez, Stéphane Giraudier, William Vainchenker, Françoise Wendling
    ...Vainchenker Françoise, Wendling Giraudier, S Tulliez Micheline Françoise Vainchenker, William William H Chagraoui Chagraoui Chagraoui, H Tulliez W Vainchenker Hédia Chagraoui Hédia, Chagraoui S Giraudier Emiko Komura Francoise E Komura William Vainchenker William, Vainchenker Micheline Chagraoui Hédia F ~~~
  • Stimulation of osteoprotegerin production is responsible for osteosclerosis in mice overexpressing TPO
    Hédia Chagraoui, Micheline Tulliez, Tarek Smayra, Emiko Komura, Stéphane Giraudier, Theodore Yun, Nathalie Lassau, William Vainchenker, Françoise Wendling
    ...Giraudier Giraudier, Stéphane Yun Theodore Komura, E Micheline, Tulliez Chagraoui, Hédia Stephane Smayra, T Komura Emiko Vainchenker Lassau Smayra, Tarek T Smayra Lassau, N Françoise, Wendling Giraudier, S Tulliez Micheline Smayra T Yun Françoise Vainchenker, William Lassau Nathalie William Theodore Yun H ~~~
  • Role of p21Cip1/Waf1 in cell-cycle exit of endomitotic megakaryocytes
    Véronique Baccini, Lydia Roy, Natacha Vitrat, Hédia Chagraoui, Siham Sabri, Jean-Pierre Le Couedic, Najet Debili, Françoise Wendling, William Vainchenker
    ...Couedic, Jean-Pierre Le N Vitrat Najet Debili H Chagraoui Sabri, S Chagraoui Chagraoui, H Natacha, Vitrat Couedic W Vainchenker Baccini, Véronique Hédia Chagraoui Hédia, Chagraoui Véronique Jean-Pierre Couedic Sabri Siham J Couedic Najet Francoise Sabri Jean-Pierre Le, Couedic William, Vainchenker William ~~~