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  • A transplant “immunome” screening platform defines a targetable epitope fingerprint of multiple myeloma
    Aneta Schieferdecker, Anna Oberle, Benjamin Thiele, Fabian Hofmann, Markus Göthel, Sebastian Miethe, Michael Hust, Friederike Braig, Mareike Voigt, Ute-Marie von Pein, Friedrich Koch-Nolte, Friedrich Haag, Malik Alawi, Daniela Indenbirken, Adam Grundhoff, Carsten Bokemeyer, Ulrike Bacher, Nicolaus Kröger, Mascha Binder
    ...-Marie, von Pein Malik Alawi Thiele, B Thiele, Benjamin Bacher, Ulrike von Pein Ute-Marie Fabian Hofmann N Kröger Carsten Bokemeyer Ute-Marie von Pein Friederike Braig Göthel, Markus Schieferdecker, A M Hust Malik, Alawi Mareike Ulrike, Bacher Hust Michael Thiele F Braig Markus F Hofmann Gothel Ulrike U ~~~
  • Resistance to anti-CD19/CD3 BiTE in acute lymphoblastic leukemia may be mediated by disrupted CD19 membrane trafficking
    Friederike Braig, Anna Brandt, Mariele Goebeler, Hans-Peter Tony, Anna-Katharina Kurze, Peter Nollau, Thomas Bumm, Sebastian Böttcher, Ralf C. Bargou, Mascha Binder
    ...Katharina Kurze Binder, M Peter, Nollau P Nollau T Bumm F Braig Brandt Anna Ralf Bargou Bottcher Böttcher, Sebastian Brandt, A Braig, F Thomas Nollau, P Goebeler Bargou Ralf C. Böttcher Bumm, T Mariele Brandt, Anna Tony Anna-Katharina S Böttcher R.C. Bargou Anna, Brandt Mariele Goebeler Friederike Braig ~~~