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  • Toward a BETter grasp of acetyl-lysine readers
    Catherine Porcher
    ...Porcher, C Catherine Porcher, Catherine Catherine, Porcher Porcher Porcher Catherine Catherine Porcher C Porcher 0006-4971 1528-0020 10.1182/blood-2015-03-630830 bloodjournal;125/18/2739 Toward a BETter grasp of acetyl-lysine readers Red Cells, Iron, and Erythropoiesis Free Research Articles among ~~~
  • SCL/TAL1: a multi-faceted regulator from blood development to disease
    Catherine Porcher, Hedia Chagraoui, Maiken S. Kristiansen
    ..., Chagraoui Maiken Porcher, C Maiken S, Kristiansen Chagraoui, Hedia Kristiansen, M.S Maiken S Catherine, Porcher M.S. Kristiansen Maiken Kristiansen Chagraoui Hedia Kristiansen, M Porcher Catherine Hedia Chagraoui Kristiansen Maiken S. C Porcher Maiken S Kristiansen Catherine Porcher Kristiansen, Maiken S ~~~
  • Integrated mate-pair and RNA sequencing identifies novel, targetable gene fusions in peripheral T-cell lymphoma
    Rebecca L. Boddicker, Gina L. Razidlo, Surendra Dasari, Yu Zeng, Guangzhen Hu, Ryan A. Knudson, Patricia T. Greipp, Jaime I. Davila, Sarah H. Johnson, Julie C. Porcher, James B. Smadbeck, Bruce W. Eckloff, Daniel D. Billadeau, Paul J. Kurtin, Mark A. McNiven, Brian K. Link, Stephen M. Ansell, James R. Cerhan, Yan W. Asmann, George Vasmatzis, Andrew L. Feldman
    ...Razidlo Feldman, AL Feldman, A.L PatriciaT Greipp Boddicker, Rebecca L Brian S.H. Johnson Julie C Porcher Hu, G Gina L Billadeau Daniel D. J Davila George Daniel D Billadeau P Greipp Razidlo, G.L Eckloff Bruce W. Paul Kurtin Link, B Andrew Feldman Jaime I Porcher, J.C Patricia Greipp Yan W Asmann Mark ~~~
  • Functional and Genetic Heterogeneity of Distinct Leukemic Stem Cell Populations in CD34- Human Acute Myeloid Leukemia
    Lynn Quek, Georg Otto, Catherine Garnett, Ludovic Lhermitte, I-Jun Lau, Dimitris Karamitros, Jessica Doondeea, Batchimeg Usukhbayar, Nicolas Goardon, Adam Ivey, Yisu Gu, Christopher G Allen, Rosemary E Gale, Benjamin Davies, Alexander Sternberg, Sally Killick, Hannah Hunter, Paul Cahalin, Andrew Price, Andrew Carr, Mike Griffiths, Paul Virgo, Stephen Mackinnon, David Grimwade, Sylvie D Freeman, Nigel Russell, Charles Craddock, Adam Mead, Andrew Peniket, Catherine Porcher, Paresh Vyas
    ...Craddock, C Craddock, Charles C Porcher Russell, Nigel A Mead Doondeea Jessica Gu, Yisu Catherine Garnett Yisu Gu Lynn Quek Karamitros Dimitris Andrew, Price IJun Lau Paul Virgo SylvieD Freeman Andrew, Peniket Gu, Y Ludovic Andrew Peniket Mike, Griffiths Killick Sally Sally, Killick Allen, CG Catherine ~~~
  • VEGFA Controls Haematopoietic Stem Cell Specification In a Dose-Dependent, Isoform-Specific Manner
    Amy Leung, Aldo Ciau-Uitz, Paresh Vyas, Roger Patient, Catherine Porcher
    ..., Ciau-Uitz Patient, Roger Aldo CiauUitz Catherine, Porcher Amy Ciau-Uitz, A Paresh Porcher Catherine Roger Ciau-Uitz, Aldo Ciau-Uitz C Porcher Amy, Leung Leung, Amy Vyas Paresh Catherine Porcher Patient A Ciau-Uitz Paresh, Vyas Catherine Porcher Aldo Ciau-Uitz Paresh Vyas VEGFA Controls Haematopoietic ~~~
  • Mutations Targeting the ErbB Pathway and MSC in Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma
    Michael T Zimmermann, Surendra Dasari, Rebecca L Boddicker, Yu Zeng, Bruce Eckloff, Julie M Cunningham, Yanhong Wu, Julie C Porcher, Brian K Link, Stephen Ansell, James R Cerhan, Jean-Pierre Kocher, Andrew L Feldman
    ...Rebecca Boddicker Boddicker, RL Porcher, J Zimmermann, M.T Yanhong Wu Cerhan, J.R Andrew Brian K, Link JulieC Porcher Dasari Wu Yanhong JeanPierre Kocher M Zimmermann Julie M Cunningham Cerhan Michael T, Zimmermann Bruce Eckloff Andrew L R.L. Boddicker A.L. Feldman J.M. Cunningham Julie M Link Jean ~~~
  • Regulation of Gata1 Expression by HS+3.5
    Julia E Draper, William G Wood, Catherine Porcher, Paresh Vyas
    ...E Wood, W Catherine, Porcher Paresh Wood Porcher Catherine Julia E, Draper Wood, W.G J Draper C Porcher Vyas Paresh Draper, Julia E Julia E Draper, J.E Catherine William G Wood Porcher Wood, WG Paresh, Vyas W Wood Catherine Porcher J.E. Draper Paresh Vyas William G, Wood Regulation of Gata1 ~~~
  • Structure of the leukemia oncogene LMO2: implications for the assembly of a hematopoietic transcription factor complex
    Kamel El Omari, Sarah J. Hoosdally, Kapil Tuladhar, Dimple Karia, Paresh Vyas, Roger Patient, Catherine Porcher, Erika J. Mancini
    ....J. Mancini K Tuladhar Catherine, Porcher Paresh Kapil C Porcher Catherine Mancini Erika J. Hoosdally, SJ Mancini Kamel Paresh, Vyas Catherine Porcher Patient Roger R Patient Roger, Patient Dimple Mancini, EJ Roger Patient Sarah Erika Sarah J Hoosdally Karia, D K ElOmari Karia, Dimple SJ Hoosdally Porcher, C ~~~
  • Lineage-specific combinatorial action of enhancers regulates mouse erythroid Gata1 expression
    Roy Drissen, Boris Guyot, Lin Zhang, Ann Atzberger, Jackie Sloane-Stanley, Bill Wood, Catherine Porcher, Paresh Vyas
    ...A Atzberger Bill, Wood Lin Bill Wood Boris Guyot Atzberger Ann Zhang, L Atzberger P Vyas B Wood Wood, Bill Jackie J Sloane-Stanley Catherine, Porcher L Zhang Paresh Sloane-Stanley, Jackie Wood Zhang, Lin C Porcher Roy Catherine Wood, B B Guyot Jackie Sloane-Stanley Jackie, Sloane-Stanley Paresh, Vyas ~~~
  • Discovering Regulatory SNPs by Genome-Wide Analysis of Differential Scl/TAL-1 Occupancy in Human Primary Erythroid Cells,
    Marco De Gobbi, Jim R. Hughes, Karen M. Lower, Chris J. Derry, Emanuele Marchi, Jacqueline Sloane-Stanley, Nigel Roberts, Stephen Taylor, Catherine Porcher, Richard J. Gibbons, Douglas R. Higgs
    ..., Chris J De Gobbi, Marco Jacqueline, Sloane-Stanley Stephen Porcher, Catherine Taylor, Stephen N Roberts Sloane-Stanley, J Jim ChrisJ Derry Douglas JimR Hughes Chris J Derry KarenM Lower Lower Karen Lower Marchi Marco De Gobbi Chris J, Derry D.R. Higgs Roberts Richard J C Porcher Gobbi Higgs, D.R Marchi ~~~