Review Series - January 4, 2018

Therapeutic Antibodies

Introduced by Drs. Freda K. Stevenson and Catherine M. Bollard, this series of 6 reviews written by leaders in the field describe the emerging mechanistic insights and therapeutic value of different classes of antibody therapy, including direct antibodies; “accelerator” antibodies against coreceptors; and antibodies reversing regulatory T-cell activity, for a variety of hematological malignancies.

Ken H. Young, MD, PhD shares some highlights of this review series.


Review Series Articles:

Introduction to a review series on therapeutic antibodies
Freda K. Stevenson and Catherine M. Bollard


CD38 antibodies in multiple myeloma: back to the future
Niels W. C. J. van de Donk, Paul G. Richardson and Fabio Malavasi


Redirecting T cells to hematological malignancies with bispecific antibodies
Mireya Paulina Velasquez, Challice L. Bonifant and Stephen Gottschalk



Immunotherapy targeting 4-1BB: mechanistic rationale, clinical results, and future strategiess
Cariad Chester, Miguel F. Sanmamed, Jun Wang and Ignacio Melero


CTLA-4: a moving target in immunotherapy
Behzad Rowshanravan, Neil Halliday and David M. Sansom


PD-1 expression and clinical PD-1 blockade in B-cell lymphomas
Zijun Y. Xu-Monette, Jianfeng Zhou and Ken H. Young

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