Review Series - July 27, 2017

Precision Hematology

Edited with an introduction by Dr Benjamin L. Ebert, we present a series of reviews focused on precision hematology. This series presents the state of the art usage of genomic techniques for the identification of inherited and acquired mutations guiding the diagnosis and treatment of hematologic disorders, the methods for gathering and storing genomic data, and the ethical considerations in such genomic testing.

Dr. Ebert and Dr. Staudt discuss some highlights of this review series.


Review Series Articles:




The relative utilities of genome-wide, gene panel, and individual gene sequencing in clinical practice
Frank C. Kuo, Brenton G. Mar, R. Coleman Lindsley and Neal I. Lindeman


High-throughput sequencing for noninvasive disease detection in hematologic malignancies
Florian Scherer, David M. Kurtz, Maximilian Diehn and Ash A. Alizadeh


The NCI Genomic Data Commons as an engine for precision medicine
Mark A. Jensen, Vincent Ferretti, Robert L. Grossman and Louis M. Staudt


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