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Author Guide

Blood, the Journal of the American Society of Hematology, published online and in print, provides an international forum for the publication of original articles describing basic laboratory, translational, and clinical investigations in hematology. Acceptance of manuscripts is based on the originality and importance of the observations or investigations, the quality of the work and validity of the evidence, the clarity of presentation, and the relevance to our readership and field. All articles are expected to be concise, well organized and clearly written. Authors submit a manuscript with the understanding that the manuscript (or its essential substance) has not been published other than as an abstract in any language or format and is not currently submitted elsewhere for print or electronic publication.

Primary research articles will be published under the following scientific categories: Clinical Trials and Observations (see next paragraph); Gene Therapy; Hematopoiesis and Stem Cells; Immunobiology (see next paragraph); Myeloid Neoplasia; Lymphoid Neoplasia; Phagocytes, Granulocytes and Myelopoiesis; Platelets and Thrombopoiesis; Red Cells, Iron and Erythropoiesis; Thrombosis and Hemostasis; Transfusion Medicine; Transplantation; and Vascular Biology (see next paragraph). Papers can be listed under more than one category as appropriate. Authors are invited to contact the Editor-in-Chief prior to submission if they are uncertain whether their work falls within the general scope of the journal.

Blood has recently formulated a more precise scope for immunobiology, vascular biology, HIV/HTLV, and Clinical Trial submissions. The journal is very interested in submissions as reflected in the definitions linked below.

Blood welcomes submission of manuscripts reporting on clinical trials whether phase 1, 2, 3 or 4. Reports should include a full description of the study design, patient population, methodology and conduct, and statistical plan. Immunobiology encompasses a wide spectrum of research, but Blood can accommodate only papers that have clear and important implications for hematology. Preference is given to papers focusing on human immunobiology, and those with significant implications for understanding of normal or malignant hematologic processes. Papers on tumor immunology and tumor vaccine development may be appropriate if the target cells or antigens are relevant to hematologic malignancies, but Blood cannot accommodate tumor immunology papers focusing solely on non-hematologic tumor types. Papers investigating autoimmunity and utilizing non-hematologic models are not within the scope of Blood. Papers on the immune response to specific microbiologic pathogens are also generally outside the scope of Blood, except those focusing on the direct links of Epstein-Barr virus, hepatitis virus, or HTLV to hematologic malignancies. Vascular biology papers that focus primarily on atherosclerosis are outside the scope of Blood and instead should be considered for alternative journals. Papers felt to be outside the scope of Blood will be returned to the author without full peer review.