Supplemental Data

Supplemental data may include additional figures, materials & methods, tables, or other items that add to the topic of the article but cannot be included within the body of the article. They may include files that are not printable, such as videos or long gene sequences.

Blood requires a publication fee of $105 for each standard data supplement accompanying an accepted paper. Any supplement exceeding 5 MB will incur an additional $105 fee; exceptions are possible for certain video files at the Editor’s discretion. The fee is waived for Review Articles, How I Treat articles, Perspectives, and e-Blood articles.

Supplemental data can be published online only after approval by the editors following peer review. Authors must include the supplement when uploading every version of the manuscript in Blood Bench>Press, even with revisions.

At all times, you must upload all your supplemental data as a single PDF, adhering to the following order:

  • Appendices (e.g., list of participants in a multi-center study)
  • Methods
  • Tables (with legends)
  • Figures (with legends)

Tables and figures must be labeled with an S, as in “Table S1” and “Figure S1.” Videos must be labeled as “Video 1,” without the letter S, and should not be referred to as “movies.”

If you are unable to create a PDF of your supplemental data, we ask that you upload it as a single document in MS Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf).

When uploading this single document as a supplement in Blood Bench>Press, you need to indicate that it is to be published online and indicate the supplemental file type. For the “Data Supp File Link Text,” type a simple label incorporating all that is inside the document, as well as the three-letter file extension and file size. An example: “Document 1. Supplemental appendix, methods, tables, and figures (PDF, 1.3 MB)” (no period at the end).

We recognize that formats such as Excel (.xls/.xlsx) and those for videos cannot be integrated into a PDF, in which case we ask that you upload those separately and that you type their full legends into the Data Supp File Description field for each file. We prefer that videos appear after figures. For “Data Supp File Link Text,” again use a simple label [e.g., "Video 1. Results as described in the legend for Fig. 4 (MOV, 2.4 MB)” (no period at the end)].

You will be responsible for your own text formatting if you use italics, underlining, or super- or subscripting, as well as for special Greek and mathematical characters. If you are not familiar with such formatting or coding, we advise that you use simple text.

Please do not include the supplemental items as part of your main manuscript document or image upload. Our website for submission contains a special section for supplements of all types, including those not meant for publication. At no point should your main text contain a legend for a supplement.

Video Formats

Videos may be uploaded in one of the following formats:

  • QuickTime (.mov)
  • Audio Video Interleave (.avi)
  • Windows Media (.wmv)
  • Moving Pictures Expert Group (.mpeg or .mpg)

Submit all videos at the desired size and length. To avoid excessive delays for users accessing them on their Web browsers or downloading them, please keep videos below 5 MB in size, normally running between 30 and 45 seconds in length. To control the file size of MOV videos, use QuickTime’s “compress” option. Cropping frames and image sizes can also significantly reduce file sizes, and videos can be looped to play more than once, provided file size does not become excessive..

More information about QuickTime is available at Quicktime Tutorials.

The journal’s staff will not edit the content of a supplemental document, but staff may change its dimensions and/or its format, may combine individual pieces — such as subsets A and B — into a single view or a single document, and may remove surrounding white space.

If possible, the supplemental data and corresponding legend(s) (not copyedited) will be posted alongside the article in Blood First Edition. There is no subsequent copyediting of legends, and the journal will not make changes to supplements once they are posted online. Your supplement will remain the same in the final online publication as it appeared in First Edition.

Be advised that the journal does not guarantee inclusion of supplements at the same time as an article’s prepublication or even regular publication. A delay may occur before your supplement is available online. It is best to avoid allusions to your supplemental data in the text of your article.

For questions, contact
Dax Blemberg
Data Integrity Manager
American Society of Hematology