Table 5.

ORR and MRD based on prior treatment history

SubgroupORR*MRD-negative rate (10−5)
Patients in group, n % Patients in group, n %
All response evaluable8284 1136
Refractory to lenalidomide4879520
Lenalidomide exposed but not refractory3090450
Refractory to bortezomib2584268
Refractory to IMiD5377520
IMiD exposed but not refractory2997650
Refractory to PI and IMiD248320
Cytogenetic risk
  • * Data are based on a computerized algorithm.

  • Of the 27 patients who achieved CR or better, 11 received MRD testing.

  • Biomarker risk-evaluable population.

  • § Includes patients who have del17p, t(14;16), t(4;14) or a combination of these by fluorescence in situ hybridization or karyotype.