Table 2.

Cox regression analysis for time to HBV reactivation (analysis population, n = 326)

Effect/covariate*Time to HBV reactivation (univariate)Time to HBV reactivation (multivariate)
Crude HR95% CIPAdjusted HR95% CIP
Age at baseline (continuous, by 10 y)1.240.90-1.79.22601.631.00-2.37.0351
Sex (male vs female)1.510.68-3.37.31101.190.50-2.86.6923
ECOG performance status at baseline (2 vs 0 or 1)1.040.25-4.42.9531NANANA
Lymphoma type (DLBCL [GOYA] vs non-DLBCL [GALLIUM])3.061.04-9.04.04303.761.09-12.96.0356
IPI, FLIPI score (high-intermediate/high vs low/intermediate/low-intermediate)1.510.71-3.21.2877NANANA
Anti-HBs at baseline (negative vs positive)4.351.93-9.78.00044.001.71-9.37.0014
HBV DNA level at baseline, IU/mL (detectable vs not detectable)12.424.96-31.07<.000118.226.04-54.93<.0001
Prophylactic NAT (yes vs no)0.190.04-0.79.02260.090.02-0.41.0018
Antibody treatment group (G-Chemo vs R-Chemo)1.940.89-4.24.09631.790.78-4.16.1748
Chemotherapy group§ (CHOP vs non-CHOP)1.860.44-7.94.3990NANANA
  • NA, not applicable.

  • * Reference groups for each factor are shown in bold. Race/ethnicity was not included in the model.

  • Factors with P < .2 by univariate analysis, baseline age, and sex were included in the multivariate analysis; 95% Wald confidence interval and P value for Wald test.

  • Includes DLBCL patients from GOYA and non-DLBCL patients from GALLIUM.

  • § Includes patients from both GOYA and GALLIUM.