Table 3.

Causes of death unrelated to acute promyelocytic leukemia:

Patient (N = 17)Age (y)CR duration (mo)Cause of deathResponse at time of deathComments
16969.9Stage IV GISTCR
2778Prostate cancerCR
37560Prostate cancerCR
46096.2H&N cancerCR
5474.9Prostate cancerCR
77473.4Pancreatic cancerCR
96958.4ESRD on HDCRRenal biopsy showed glomerulosclerosis. Pt had DM.
107515.7ESRD on HDCRReceived 1 cycle. Therapy discontinued because of fluid overload and worsening creatinine. Pt had other comorbidities including CHF, DM, and HTN.
11389Pneumococcal meningitisCRPt was 644 D post-SCT and was off immunosuppression. Pt had hepatic insufficiency.
12640.9Sepsis/pneumoniaCRs/p 2 cycles, sepsis unrelated to study drugs. Pt had DM and HTN.
13219.3Infection and pulmonary embolismCRPatient was treated with ATRA/ATO/GO on protocol for 2.5 mo and achieved CR but taken off protocol because of ATRA intolerance; ATO/GO off protocol: for 2 mo; IDA off protocol: C3 D59
14697CHF and cardiac arrestCRC3 D31 on protocol. Pt had history of CAD s/p bypass surgery, HTN, and hyperlipidemia.
158125.2UnknownCRLost to follow-up
1681106.8UnknownCRLost to follow-up
174339.2UnknownCRLost to follow-up
  • C, cycle; CHF, congestive heart failure; D, day; DM, diabetes mellitus; ESRD, end-stage renal disease; GIST, gastrointestinal stromal tumor; HD, hemodialysis: H&N, head and neck; HTN, hypertension; mo, month; Pt, patient; s/p, status post.