Table 1

Summary of key inclusion criteria and TKI retreatment triggers used in clinical trials

StudyTKINumber of patients reportedRequired depth of MRMinimum duration of MR (years)Trigger to resume TKI
STIM20Imatinib (±prior IFN)100UMRD (MR5.0)2Loss of UMRD*
TWISTER21Imatinib (±prior IFN)40UMRD (MR4.5)2Loss of UMRD
A-STIM22Imatinib (±prior IFN)80UMRD2Loss of MMR
EuroSKI24Imatinib/nilotinib/dasatinib200MR4.01Loss of MMR
Stop 2GTKI28Nilotinib/dasatinib first and second line52UMRD (MR4.5)2Loss of MMR
KIDS25Imatinib (±prior IFN)90UMRD (MR4.5)2Loss of MMR
HOVON32Imatinib18UMRD (MR4.5)2Loss of UMRD
DADI27Second-line dasatinib63MR4.01Loss of MR4.0
STIM226Imatinib124UMRD (MR4.5)2Loss of UMRD
  • DADI, Dasatinib Discontinuation study; HOVON, Stichting Hemato-Oncologie voor Volwassenen Nederland.

  • * A-STIM allowed occasional low level positive RQ-PCR results during the 2 years of UMRD.

  • Loss of UMRD in STIM and STIM2 was defined as ≥2 consecutive samples with detectable BCR-ABL and a 1-log increase; in TWISTER and the HOVON study, any 2 consecutive samples at any level were considered loss of UMRD.