Table 1

Poor prognostic factors in patients undergoing SCT for FL

Patient groupType of SCTKPSTBISexDisease typeTreatmentAge (y)Reference
Nonrelapse mortalityRIC allo-SCT (vs ASCT)<90Yes39
RIC allo-SCT (vs ASCT)REF>5053
RelapseASCT (vs RIC allo-SCT)MaleREF/untreatedRT39
RIC (vs ASCT)REF>5053
Progression-free survivalRIC allo-SCT (vs ASCT)REF39
Overall survivalYesREF>6039
REF >3 prior therapiesIncreasing age (continuous)44
  • KPS, Karnofsky performance status; REF, chemotherapy-resistant disease (resistant to therapy prior to SCT); RT, radiation therapy (prior to SCT); TBI, total body irradiation (as part of SCT high-dose therapy).