Table 2

Select outcomes of ASCT for relapsed or refractory FL

SeriesReferenceArmNo. of patientsHDCT regimenPFS/EFS (%)PFS timepoint (y)HRPOS (%)OS timepoint (y)PComment
CUP Trial16Chemotherapy24262.003464.07RCT, no rituximab
EBMT49Unpurged, no MR7035.810ND10RCT, no rituximab
Purged, no MR72BEAM38.7ND
Unpurged, MR6948.80.98ND
Purged, MR6952.1ND
EBMT67CR/PR1131BEAC BEAM or TBI-based39156015Registry, no rituximab
No CR/PR15622644
Barts/DFCI52CR/PR2+121CY-TBI555715No rituximab
Nebraska36ASCT248BEAC BEAM R-BEAM, CY-TBI445635No rituximab
GELA/ GOELAMS62Chemotherapy133393.005633< .001Multicenter, prior rituximab in 40%
NCCN44CR/PR2+135BEAM, CBV or TBI-based573873Multicenter, prior rituximab in 100%
EBMT53CR/PR2+726BEAM, CY-TBI, other485725Registry, prior rituximab in 53%
CIBMTR39CR/PR2+250BEAM CBV, CY-TBI, Other415745Registry, FL1 and FL2, prior rituximab in 100%
CIBMTR40CR/PR2+136BEAM, CBV, CY-TBI, other365595Registry, FL3,
prior rituximab in 100%
  • BEAM, carmustine, etoposide, cytarabine, and melphalan; CBV, cyclophosphamide, carmustine, and etoposide; CR, complete response; CY, cyclophosphamide; EFS, event-free survival; HDCT, high-dose chemotherapy; MR, maintenance rituximab; ND, no differences; PR1, first partial response; PR2, second partial response; PR2+, beyond second partial response; R-BEAM, rituximab plus BEAM.