Table 2

Proposed criteria for CCUS

Peripheral blood findingsBone marrow findingsGenetic findings
1 or more of the following:None of the following:1 or more of the following:
Hemoglobin, <11 g/dL≥10% dysplasia in the granulocytic, erythroid, or megakaryocytic lineageAn acquired chromosomal abnormality not diagnostic of a heme malignancy
ANC <1500/μL, 1.5 × 109/LMyeloblasts comprise ≥5% of total cellularityPresence of a somatic mutation with a VAF ≥2% in a heme malignancy–associated gene in the peripheral blood or bone marrow
Platelet count <100 000/μL, 100 × 109/LAn acquired chromosomal abnormality specific for MDS/AML
Additional criteria: No other likely cause of cytopenias or evidence of another hematologic disorder.