Table 1

GO term analysis of genes regulated upon FOXP1 overexpression in primary human B cells

Biological processP
Immune response2.76E-7
Defense response6.38E-5
Leukocyte activation1.52E-04
Induction of apoptosis2.54E-04
Induction of programmed cell death2.54E-04
Response to protein stimulus4.12E-04
Cell activation4.27E-4
Positive regulation of apoptosis1.14E-3
Positive regulation of programmed cell death1.21E-3
Positive regulation of cell death1.25E-3
  • GO term analysis of genes that are regulated by FOXP1 in both of 2 independent GEM studies of human peripheral blood memory B cells transduced with LZRS-IRES-FOXP1, compared with control-transduced cells. The 10 most significantly enriched GO categories are shown.