Table 2

Multivariate Cox regression analysis

ParameterP valueHR95% HR
Confidence limits
5hmC: <0.023 vs 0.023 to <0.070.441.180.771.81
5hmC: ≥0.070 vs 0.023 to <
Cytogenetics/FLT3-ITD: good vs intermediate.210.600.251.36
Cytogenetics/FLT3-ITD: others vs intermediate.171.440.862.39
Cytogenetics/FLT3-ITD: poor vs intermediate<.00013.001.904.68
Cytogenetics/FLT3-ITD: unknown vs intermediate.022.961.217.21
  • Akaike information criterion for this model = 1238.

  • Addition of age, treatment arm (data not shown), and/or percentage BM blasts (supplemental Table 12) in the model did not improve its prognostic discrimination value. Considering 5hmC as a continuous variable in the model (linear and quadratic effect), and adjusting for cytogenetic/FLT3-ITD risk groups, provided similar results as the model indicated above (supplemental Table 12).