Table 3

Platelet diameters for distinguishing IT with giant platelets

CutoffAUCSensitivity %95% CISpecificity %95% CI
MPD μm>3.740.91548679 to 918782 to 90
PDDW μm>4.270.88128072 to 868378 to 88
PDLCR %>39.800.92088578 to 918783 to 90
MPD μm and PDLCR %>3.74 and >39.80.99919893 to 999997 to 100
  • Area under the curve (AUC), sensitivity and specificity of best cutoff levels for MPD, PDDW, and PDLCR identified by receiver operating characteristic analysis in discriminating hMYH9-RD, tMYH9-RD, and bBSS from all other examined forms of thrombocytopenia.