Table 2

Young HCL patients at first relapse after receiving cladribine

 Median (y)38
Disease duration before cladribine
 Median (mo)15
Treatment before cladribine
 Splenectomy alone3
 Interferon alone6
 Splenectomy, interferon6
 Splenectomy, interferon, 2′-deoxycoformycin2
 Chlorambucil, splenectomy1
 Other regimens1
First response to cladribine
Peripheral blood hematologic parameters at first relapse
 Absolute neutrophil count (×109/L)
  Median (range)1.4 (0.6-6.0)
 Hemoglobin level (g/dL)
  Median (range)14.2 (8.7-17.5)
 Platelets (×109/L)
  Median (range)135 (4-403)
 Duration to first relapse from cladribine therapy
  Median (mo)54
Treatment at relapse
  Cladribine + rituximab1
Response to second course of cladribine (31 patients)
  No response1