Table 4

Effect of SGN-CD33A and SGD-1882 on cell cycle in HEL 92.1.7 cells

Treatment and concentration% in phase of cell cycle
Nonbinding ADC (ng/mL)
SGN-CD33A (ng/mL)
SGD-1882 (nM)
  • HEL 92.1.7 cells were incubated with SGN-CD33A, SGD-1882, or a nonbinding control ADC for 48 hours before BrdU incorporation and processing for flow cytometric analysis. The results shown are representative of data obtained from 3 separate experiments. Nascent DNA synthesis was detected with anti-BrdU, whereas total DNA content was determined with propidium iodide. One hundred nanograms per milliliter SGN-CD33A is the ADC equivalent of 1 nM SGD-1882.