Table 2

MDS Cytogenetic Scoring System

Prognostic subgroups, % of patientsCytogenetic abnormalitiesMedian survival,* yMedian AML evolution, 25%,* yHazard ratios OS/AML*Hazard ratios OS/AML
Very good (4%*/3%)−Y, del(11q)5.4NR0.7/0.40.5/0.5
Good (72%*/66%)Normal, del(5q), del(12p), del(20q), double including del(5q)4.89.41/11/1
Intermediate (13%*/19%)del(7q), +8, +19, i(17q), any other single or double independent clones2.72.51.5/1.81.6/2.2
Poor (4%*/5%)−7, inv(3)/t(3q)/del(3q), double including −7/del(7q), complex: 3 abnormalities1.51.72.3/2.32.6/3.4
Very poor (7%*/7%)Complex: > 3 abnormalities0.70.73.8/3.64.2/4.9
  • OS indicates overall survival; and NR, not reached.

  • * Data from patients in this IWG-PM database, multivariate analysis (n = 7012).

  • Data from Schanz et al8 (n = 2754).