Table 2

Characteristics and outcome of Swedish AML patients 60 to 84 years of age diagnosed 2007 to 2010,49 according to performance status (PS) and treatment intensity compared with patients in high-dose lenalidomide study by Fehniger et al51

PatientsNMedian age, yPerformance status 0/I/II, %De novo AML, %Death rate at 30 d, %Median OS, moOS, 1 y, %OS, 3 y, %
Sweden 60-84 y
    PS 0-II5117221/63/166210104421
    PS 010769100/0/0695176435
    PS I320710/100/06310104418
    PS II84770/0/100491532212
    PS 0-I4277125/75/0648124922
Lenalidomide study337149/39/1270244300