Table 1

Patient data

PatientAge, yMalignancyNo. of prior therapiesTotal no. of infused cells/kg, ×107Percentage of infused cells CAR+No. of infused CAR+ cells/kg ×107Infused cells CD4/CD8 ratioDoses of IL-2 administeredResponse and time since treatment, mo*
1a47Follicular lymphoma40.5640.329/638PR (7)
1b48Follicular lymphoma52.1631.319/7110PR (18+)
248Follicular lymphoma50.5650.323/739NE (died with influenza)
361CLL32.5451.135/532CR (15+)
455Splenic marginal zone lymphoma32.0531.172/244PR (12)
554CLL40.6500.387/122SD (6)
657CLL75.5301.737/571PR (7)
761CLL45.4512.858/412PR (7+)
863Follicular lymphoma74.2713.054/435PR (8+)
  • PR indicates partial remission; NE, not evaluable; CR, complete remission; SD, stable disease; and CLL, chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

  • * Time since treatment is in months; + indicates an ongoing response as of the time of writing. The body surface area of each patient is given in supplemental Table 2.

  • Patient 1 was treated twice. His first treatment has been previously reported (21).