Table 2

Univariate associations of erythrocyte incorporation of isotopes of 57Fe, 58Fe, or both 14 days after oral administration with serum iron and inflammatory indices on the day of isotope administration

Univariate predictors of iron incorporationStatus on Day 1: day of 57Fe oral administrationStatus on Day 15: day of 58Fe oral administrationCombined data (considering both 57Fe and 58Fe erythrocyte incorporation)
Adjusted R2, %PAdjusted R2, %PAdjusted R2, %P
Log hepcidin67< .000119.02335< .0001
Log CRP55< .0001NS39< .0001
Log ferritin39< .000928.006526.0002
sTfR40< .0004NS18.0018
sTfR-F index22.01437.0017NS
Log ZnPPNS28.00712.0082
HbNS44< .0003NS
  • All the listed associations had negative coefficients except for sTfR and the sTfR/logFerritin index.

  • NS indicates not significant; and —, not applicable. Other abbreviations are explained in Table 1.