Table 2

Characteristics of HCT survivors and siblings

CharacteristicSurvivors, no. (%), N = 1065Siblings, no. (%), N = 309P
Male sex, %585 (54.9)113 (36.6)< .001
Race: non-Hispanic white*825 (77.5)270 (88.0)< .001
Did not complete HS/ HS graduate*222 (20.9)38 (12.3)< .001
Household income, $< .001
    > 60 000/y438 (44.2)189 (64.3)
    20 000-60 000/y397 (40.1)93 (31.6)
    < 20 000/y155 (15.7)12 (4.1)
    No health insurance*88 (8.4)14 (4.6)0.03
Chronic health condition< .001
    None386 (36.2)189 (61.2)
    Grade1/2492 (46.2)96 (31.0)
    Grade3/4187 (17.6)24 (7.8)
Major categories of chronic health conditions
    Coronary artery disease1.71.6.93
    Congestive heart failure0.50.59
Auditory or visual2.51.0.12
    Legally blind or loss of an eye1.40.03
    Hearing loss not corrected by an aid1.11.01.00
    Surgery (intestinal obstruction/ colostomy)1.30.05
    Rectal or anal fissure0.90.71.00
Musculoskeletal problems3.30.7.01
    Joint replacement3.30.7.01
    Dialysis support0.40.58
New malignancies2.42.9.54
Median age at study participation, y (range)44 (18-73)45.2 (19-79).05
Interval between HCT and study, y
    Median (range)7.4 (2-28)NA
    2-5 y328 (30.8)NA
    6-10 y397 (37.3)NA
    11+ y340 (31.9)NA
Primary cancer diagnosis
    Aplastic anemia56 (5.3)NA
    Chronic myeloid leukemia249 (23.4)NA
    Acute myeloid leukemia255 (23.9)NA
    Hodgkin lymphoma92 (8.9)NA
    Non-Hodgkin lymphoma208 (19.5)NA
    Acute lymphoblastic leukemia106 (10.0)NA
    Multiple myeloma47 (4.4)NA
    Others52 (4.9)NA
Stem cell donor
    Autologous HCT469 (44.0)NA
    Allogeneic, sibling donor497 (46.7)NA
    Allogeneic, unrelated donor99 (9.3)NA
High risk of relapse at HCT*373 (35.1)NA
Total body irradiation–based transplant regimens815 (76.7)NA
Among allogeneic HCT survivors only, cGVHD
    No276 (46.4)NA
    Active cGVHD134 (22.5)NA
    Resolved cGVHD185 (31.1)NA
Immune suppression
    Any immunosuppression576 (96.8)NA
    Methotrexate475 (80.0)NA
    Cyclosporine403 (67.7)NA
    Prednisone336 (56.6)NA
  • HCT indicates hematopoietic cell transplantation; HS, high school; NA, not applicable; and cGVHD, chronic GVHD.

  • * Two subjects with unknown race; 6 subjects with unknown education; 90 subjects with unknown household income; 18 subjects with unknown insurance status; and 3 patients with unknown risk of relapse status at HCT.

  • Key chronic health conditions within each category shown here. Some participants reported > 1 condition, and therefore the total number within each category does not total the sum of conditions show here. Percentages are based on the total number of participants who provided data for each variable, rather than on the total number of subjects in the cohort; percentages may not total 100 because of rounding.

  • Median (range), not no. (%).