Table 2

Diagnosis and subclassification of the myeloid malignancies in moribund/deceased Tet2−/− and Tet2+/− mice up to 1 year of age

GenotypeSurvival, dFrequencyNecropsy and other findingsBlasts*, %TransplantabilityDiagnosis and subclasification
Tet2−/−92-19612/21Hepatosplenomegaly anemia< 20%NoMDS with erythroid predominance
Tet2−/−208-2984/21Hepatosplenomegaly monocytosis< 20%NDCMML
Tet2−/−378-3604/21Hepatosplenomegaly neutrophilia< 20%YesMPD-like Myeloid leukemia
Tet2−/−2061/21Hepatosplenomegaly neutrophilia> 20%YesMyeloid leukemia with maturation
Tet2+/−316-3652/5Hepatosplenomegaly neutrophilia (1 had myeloid sarcoma)< 20%YesMPD-like Myeloid leukemia
Tet2+/−238-3653/5Splenomegaly monocytosis< 20%NDCMML
  • ND indicates not done.

  • * Percentage of blasts in the BM.