Table 1

Item content of the subscales constituting the Brief Symptom Inventory-18

BSI-18 subscales/items
    1. Nervousness or shaking inside
    2. Feeling tense or keyed up
    3. Suddenly scared for no reason
    4. Spells of terror or panic
    5. Feeling so restless you couldn't sit
    6. Feeling fearful
    1. Feeling no interest in things
    2. Feeling lonely
    3. Feeling blue
    4. Feeling of worthlessness
    5. Feeling hopeless about the future
    6. Thoughts of ending your life
    1. Faintness or dizziness
    2. Pains in heart or chest
    3. Nausea or upset stomach
    4. Trouble getting your breath
    5. Numbness or tingling in parts of your body
    6. Feeling weak in parts of the body
  • BSI-18 indicates Brief Symptom Inventory-18.