Table 1

Baseline patient demographic and disease characteristics

CharacteristicImatinib resistant (n = 200)Imatinib intolerant (n = 88)Total (N = 288)
Age, y
Sex, male11658384315453
Hematologic analysis, 109/L
    White blood cell count
    Platelet count
Duration of disease, y
Treatment history
    No. of previous therapies*
    Previous IFN693523269232
    Previous stem cell transplantation632283
Features of imatinib treatment
    Duration of previous imatinib treatment, y
        Range0.4-8.8< 0.1-8.3< 0.1-8.8
    Previous complete hematologic response with imatinib16482556321976
    Reason for stopping imatinib
        Adverse event (intolerance)1186988733
        Disease progression163921116462
        Regimen completed740083
    1 or more Bcr-Abl mutations detected§57/83698/322565/11557
  • * Includes previous tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapies. Percentages may not total 100% because of rounding.

  • Patients simultaneously meeting the protocol definitions for imatinib resistance and imatinib intolerance are categorized as having imatinib resistance.

  • The reason for stopping imatinib was not reported.

  • § Total of 83 imatinib-resistant and 32 imatinib-intolerant patients assessed for mutation status at baseline.