Table 3.

Characteristics and responses of patients revaccinated with Id-KLH protein + SAF1

PatientInterval from DC to Id-KLH vaccinationSites of diseaseAnti-Id responseClinical response, time to progression
T cellAb
D218 mosCervical, iliac, peri-aortic+PR, 14 mos
D516 mosSkin, cervical, axillary, inguinalPD
D616 mosParotid, axillary, mesenteric, peri-aorticPD
D8 8 mosAxillary, peri-aortic3-150 CR, 48+ mos
D1022 mosSkin, peri-aortic, axillary, inguinalPD
D123-151 33 mosCervical, axillary, iliac, inguinal, BM+CRu, 16 mos
49 mos3-152 Cervical, BM+CR, 1+ mos
  • CR indicates complete response; CRu, complete response unconfirmed (normalization of radiographs, equivocal findings in bone marrow); PR, partial response; PD, progressive disease; BM, bone marrow.

  • F3-150 IgM, but not IgG anti-Id antibodies detectable in serum.

  • F3-151 Adjuvant = ISAF (“incomplete” SAF1, without threonyl MDP component).

  • F3-152 Repeat course of Id-KLH protein + ISAF vaccinations (vaccine course 3).