Table 1.

Characteristics and responses of initial patients with measurable disease (n = 10)

HistologyPrior therapiesSites of diseaseTotal DCs given*Anti-Id responsesClinical response, time to progressionCurrent status, subsequent therapies, months since DC vaccine
T cellAb
D1 59/FFMChl, ChlVBParacardiac, mediastinal69 × 106 +CR, 44 monthsRD after CHOP, rituximab, XRT, fludarabine, repeat DC vaccine, 94 mos
D2 44/FFMChl, CVPPeri-aortic, para-iliac22 × 106 +PR, 12 monthsNED after Id-KLH/SAF,1-153 fludarabine, 83 mos
D3 34/FF/DSCCVP, fludarabineBM14 × 106 + Cleared BM PCR signalNED 79 mos after DC vaccine without subsequent therapies
D4 45/MFSCCVP, fludarabineCervical, axillary, peri-aortic, iliac, inguinal16 × 106 +PD at 10 mosNED after MINE, rituximab, 69 mos
D550/FFMCVP, fludarabinePeri-aortic, BM23 × 106 +PD at 7 mosNED after Id-KLH/SAF,1-153 rituximab, 65 mos
D647/MFSCChl, CHOPPeri-aortic, spleen, mesenteric22 × 106 +PD at 12 mosRD after Id-KLH/SAF,1-153 rituximab, XRT, 63 mos
D743/FFSCCHOPAxillary, mesenteric27 × 106 +PD at 9 mosMRD after rituximab, 58 mos
D840/MFSCCVP, XRT, CEP, fludarabineAxillary, peri-aortic10 × 106 + PD at 5 mosNED after Id-KLH/SAF,1-153 57 mos
D943/FFSCChl, Id-KLH/SAFAxillary, iliac, peri-aortic13 × 106 CR, 57 mosPD at single site 57 mos after DC vaccine
D1051/FFMCVP, fludarabine, CHOPAxillary, spleen12 × 106 PD at 7 mosNED after Id-KLH/SAF,1-153 tositumomab, 47 mos
  • FSC indicates follicular small cleaved cell; FM, follicular mixed small cleaved and large cell; F/DSC, follicular and diffuse small cleaved cell; Chl, chlorambucil; ChlVB, chlorambucil, vincristine, and bleomycin; CVP, cyclophosphamide, vincristine, and prednisone; CHOP, cyclophosphamide, adriamycin, vincristine, and prednisone; CEP, cyclophosphamide, etoposide, and prednisone; Id-KLH/SAF, Id protein coupled to KLH plus Syntex adjuvant formulation; XRT, radiation therapy; MINE, mesna, ifosfamide, mitoxantrone, etoposide; PD, progressive disease; NED, no clinical evidence of disease; MRD, minimum residual disease; RD, residual disease; Ab, antibody; BM, bone marrow.

  • * Total number of DCs infused over the course of 4 vaccinations.

  • Previously reported in original pilot study.22

  • IgM, but not IgG anti-Id antibodies detectable in serum.

  • F1-153 Revaccinated with Id-KLH plus SAF adjuvant. See Table 3.