Table 1.

Characteristics of AML specimens

Case no.Age/sexFAB/typeWBC × 109/LCytogenetics34+/38/G0(%)
172/MM2/de novo> 10046, XY93
268/MM5/de novo12045, X, −Ynd
350/FM1/relapse6046, XX96
430/MM5/de novo2747, XY, +21, t(17;21)97
556/FM4/relapse8646, XX83
661/FM5/de novo38046, XX98
750/FM1/de novo14046, XX94
855/FM4/de novo> 20046, XX98
939/MM2/de novo20046, XY96
1053/FM4/relapse28047, XX, +499
1163/MM4/de novo19046, XY, del(7)93
  • WBC indicates white blood cell; 34+/38/G0, the percentage of CD34+/CD38/CD123+ cells residing in the G0 phase of the cell cycle; M, male; F, female; nd, not determined.