Table 5.

Association of blood and marrow chimerism status at day 28 with subsequent rejection and acute graft-versus-host disease

Cell fractionPercent donor chimerism as a continuous (0-100%) variable
OR5-15095% CIPvalue5-151OR5-15095% CIPvalue5-151
PB neutrophils0.40.2-0.7.0041.20.6-2.5.62
PB T cells0.10.04-0.5.0032.61.1-6.4.03
  • Analysis of GVHD restricted to 35 patients with sustained engraftment and without GVHD before day 28. Patient UL627 was excluded from analysis because of lack of DNA polymorphism.

  • GVHD indicates graft-versus-host disease; CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio; PB, peripheral blood.

  • F5-150 OR presented as an increase of 25% in donor chimerism. For example, the odds of rejection among patients with 50% donor T-cell chimerism are 0.4 times the odds of rejection among patients with 25% donor T-cell chimerism.

  • F5-151 P value obtained from logistic regression, Wald test.