Table 7.

Frequency and Proliferative Capacity of LTC-IC in AML PB

PatientDay 0 CFC/106 CellsFeeder7-150LTC-IC/106 CellsCFC/LTC-IC7-151
(% abnormal)(% abnormal)
33,150 (90)HMF15 (32)1.4
4485 (73)HMF50 (64)1.8
731,260 (95)HMF121 (55)1.2
Mixed116 (73)2.7
845 (67)HMF4 (7)4.4
Mixed4 (9)12.8
91,138 (0)HMF40 (0)1.7
10225 (50)HMF3 (21)2.1
  • Frequency was determined by limiting dilution analysis as described in Materials and Methods and in Sutherland et al.10

  • F7-150 Feeders as described in Table 2.

  • F7-151 CFC per LTC-IC were calculated as average values by dividing the total number of CFC produced in all of the limiting dilution cultures plated by the number of calculated LTC-IC used to initiate those cultures for each culture condition tested.