Table 1.

Fcγ RIIIA-158V/F Genotypes in White Individuals (n = 87), Typed for Fcγ RIIIA-48L/R/H

FcγRIIIa-158FcγRIIIa-48L/R/H Phenotype
559T/T 158FF2828*
559G/T 158VF443446
559G/G 158VV154641
  • Gene frequencies are 0.57 and 0.43 for FcγRIIIa-158F and FcγRIIIa-158V, respectively. A clear linkage was observed between the FcγRIIIA-158F and the FcγRIIIA-48L alleles, as well as between the FcγRIIIa-158V and either the FcγRIIIa-48R or −48H alleles (χ 2 test; P < .001 in both cases).

  • * A dash ( — ) denotes that in this study none of the tested donors had this genotype.

  • In a previous study we described one healthy individual and two unrelated patients suffering from recurrent bacterial and viral infections who were homozygous FcγRIIIa-48H/H (De Vries, unpublished data, 1996 and ref 18). These three donors were found to be homozygous FcγRIIIa-158VV.