Table 1

Leukemia-initiating cells are abundant in zebrafish T-ALL

T-ALL donorRecipients per experimentLIC frequency95% ConfidenceCorrelation R2 value
T-ALL #5-primary leukemia441/2501/94 to 1/6630.9802
T-ALL #5-transplanted leukemia421/571/30 to 1/1100.9982
T-ALL #6-primary leukemia461/711/37 to 1/1390.9917
T-ALL #6-transplanted leukemia401/601/32 to 1/1140.9112
T-ALL #7-primary leukemia401/771/39 to 1/1510.999
T-ALL #7-transplanted leukemia411/1351/59 to 1/3060.9859
T-ALL #8-primary leukemia351/845*1/277 to 1/12120.9852
  • LIC frequency and 95% confidence intervals were calculated by the L-calc program, and correlation coefficient R2 values show how well the data fit by use of the Bonnefoix limiting dilution method.

  • LIC indicates leukemia-initiating cell; and T-ALL, T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

  • * Sample T-ALL 8 = primary leukemia is significantly different from all other samples (P < .05) except sample T-ALL 5 = primary leukemia. The raw data used to calculate LIC frequency are shown in supplemental Table 4.