Table 1

Clinical and biologic characteristics of CLL patients

Patients, n400
Median age at diagnosis, y60
Women/men, %35/65
Stage at time of TP53 and ATM examination (n = 365), %
    Low risk: Rai stage 030
    Intermediate risk: Rai stage I/II36
    High risk: Rai stage III/IV34
IgVH, % (n = 355)
I-FISH according to the hierarchical classification of Döhner et al26 (n = 400), %
Investigation of TP53 and ATM status, %
    At time of diagnosis48
    During course of disease52
Therapy before the first TP53 and ATM examination, %
  • CLL indicates chronic lymphocytic leukemia; and I-FISH, interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization.