Table 2

Enrichment of specific motifs identified among BCL6 target genes

MotifMotif nameNontargets (21170 loci), depletion P valuesGC B cells (1590 loci), enrichment P valuesDLBCLs (2602 loci), enrichment P valuesCommon (1227 loci), enrichment P values
[AT]TC[CT][AT][AC]GABCL6< 1e-04< 1e-21< 1e-25< 1e-26
A[CT]TT[CG]CGSTAT3< 1e-21< 1e-64< 1e-09< 1e-53
[CT]TTTC[GT]AHSF< 0.01< 1e-06< 1e-14< 1e-11
[AT]A[CT][GT]ACGJUN< 1e-10< 1e-41< 1e-46< 1e-32
[AG]CGA[AT]A[GT]E2F< 1e-11< 1e-44< 1e-59< 1e-39
[AT]AG[AT][AT]CGIRF2/4< 1e-09< 1e-35< 1e-52< 1e-35
CG[AT][CG]AA[AT]Unknown A< 1e-08< 1e-26< 1e-43< 1e-21
CTTT[AC]C[AG][CG]Unknown B< 1e-05< 1e-15< 1e-29< 1e-15
  • The 3 rightmost columns show the statistical significance of the enrichment for each DNA element compared with their frequency among all the genes on the arrays among all BCL6 target genes in GC B cells, DLBCLs, or among the common genes between GC and DLBCL cells. The depletion column indicates the statistical significance with which these motifs are underrepresented among the non-BCL6 target genes on the arrays.