Table 1

L1cre (+); Alk13loxp/3loxP fetuses resulted in embryonic lethality at late gestational stages

Cross*StageProgeny, total no.Mutants [L1cre(+);Alk13loxP/3loxP], no.Embryos exhibiting phenotype* among the mutants, no.Embryos found dead among the mutants, no.
L1cre(+); Alk1+/3loxPE14.513440
× Alk13loxP/3loxP orE15.52410100
  • * Phenotype in L1cre(+);Alk13loxP/3loxP refers to the bulged yolk sac blood vessels similar to those in Figure 4B.

  • The mutant yolk sac vessels looked enlarged, but not as distinctive as the ones in E15.5 and later stages.