Table 1

HLA-G functions

Effector cell, HLA-G functionReceptors involvedReference
NK cells
    Inhibition of cytotoxic functionILT2, KIR2DL432, 33
    Indirect inhibition of cytotoxic function through stabilization of cell-surface HLA-ECD94/NKG2A (interacts w/HLA-E)86
    Inhibition of proliferationILT239
    Up-regulation of inhibitory receptors87
    ApoptosisCD888, 89
    Increased proliferation and IFNγ productionKIR2DL446, 90
    Increased secretion of pro-angiogenic factorsInternalized KIR2DL447
    Inhibition of transendothelial migrationILT291
CD8+ T cells
    Inhibition of cytotoxic function34, 92
    Inhibition of proliferationILT237
    Generation of CD8low regulatory T cells55
CD4+ T cells
    Inhibition of alloreactivityILT2, ILT45735, 82
    Inhibition of proliferationILT237, 38
    Up-regulation of inhibitory receptors87
    Generation of regulatory T cells, which include CD4low T cells55, 82
    Inhibition of DC maturation, antigen presentation, trafficking, and induction of regulatory T cellsILT440
    Up-regulation of inhibitory receptors87
PBMC: secretion of Th2 cytokinesCD16093
Endothelial cells: apoptosis94
  • — indicates not available.