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February 22, 2018: 131 (8)
Blood: 131 (8)

First Edition


  • Review Series: Hematologic Disease at Older Age

    Gerald de Haan, PhD and Gregory A. Abel, MD, MPH discuss highlights of this review series which highlights common biologic and clinical concepts related to hematologic disease associated with aging.

  • Review Series: Therapeutic Antibodies

    Ken H. Young, MD, PhD shares some highlights of this review series which describes the emerging mechanistic insights and therapeutic value of different classes of antibody therapy, including direct antibodies; “accelerator” antibodies against coreceptors; and antibodies reversing regulatory T-cell activity, for a variety of hematological malignancies.

  • Review Series: Precision Hematology

    Edited with an introduction by Dr Benjamin L. Ebert, we present a series of reviews focused on precision hematology. This series presents the state of the art usage of genomic techniques for the identification of inherited and acquired mutations guiding the diagnosis and treatment of hematologic disorders, the methods for gathering and storing genomic data, and the ethical considerations in such genomic testing.