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First Edition

To enable Blood’s readers to learn about new scientific findings at the earliest possible moment, the Journal prepublishes, in manuscript format, all accepted articles shortly after acceptance as “First Edition Papers.” First Edition Papers have undergone full scientific review but none of the editorial preparation, such as copyediting, typesetting, and proofreading, which is mandatory for all articles published in the regular print and online issues of Blood.

Disclaimer: The ideas and opinions expressed in Blood’s First Edition Papers do not necessarily reflect those of The American Society of Hematology or the Editors or Blood.

Clinical Trials and Observations

How I Treat

Lymphoid Neoplasia

Myeloid Neoplasia

  • Regular Article - Myeloid Neoplasia
    Luca Malcovati, Mohsen Karimi, Elli Papaemmanuil, Ilaria Ambaglio, Martin Jädersten, Monika Jansson, Chiara Elena, Anna Gallì, Gunilla Walldin, Matteo G. Della Porta, Klas Raaschou-Jensen, Erica Travaglino, Klaus Kallenbach, Daniela Pietra, Viktor Ljungström, Simona Conte, Emanuela Boveri, Rosangela Invernizzi, Richard Rosenquist, Peter J. Campbell, Mario Cazzola, Eva Hellström Lindberg

Platelets and Thrombopoiesis

Regular Article

Thrombosis and Hemostasis

Transfusion Medicine