Five-year results of brentuximab vedotin in patients with relapsed or refractory systemic anaplastic large cell lymphoma

Barbara Pro, Ranjana Advani, Pauline Brice, Nancy L. Bartlett, Joseph D. Rosenblatt, Tim Illidge, Jeffrey Matous, Radhakrishnan Ramchandren, Michelle Fanale, Joseph M. Connors, Keenan Fenton, Dirk Huebner, Juan M. Pinelli, Dana A. Kennedy and Andrei Shustov

Key points

  • 79% OS and 57% PFS at 5 years among patients with CR to brentuximab vedotin, with median response duration not reached.

  • 91% of patients who experienced peripheral neuropathy symptoms reported resolution or improvement.


This pivotal phase 2 study evaluated the safety and efficacy of brentuximab vedotin in patients with relapsed or refractory systemic anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). After a median observation period of approximately 6 years from first treatment, we examined the durability of remission, progression-free survival (PFS), overall survival (OS), and safety outcomes of patients treated on this trial. Among all enrolled patients (N=58), no progressions were observed beyond 40 months, and median OS was not reached. Patients with a complete response (CR), as assessed by the investigator (38 of 58, 66%), continued to demonstrate improved outcomes with neither median OS nor PFS reached. Of the 38 CR patients, 16 received a consolidative stem cell transplant (SCT) with median PFS not reached. Among patients who were on-study and in-remission at study closure, 16 patients had not received any new treatment after single-agent brentuximab vedotin other than consolidative SCT. Among this subset of 16, 8 patients received SCT, and the remaining 8 patients (14% of all enrolled patients) remained in sustained remission without consolidative SCT or any new anticancer therapy. Thirty-three patients experienced peripheral neuropathy, among whom, the majority (30 of 33, 91%) had experienced resolution or improvement at their last assessment. These final results, demonstrating a high rate of peripheral neuropathy resolution, and durable remissions in a subset of patients with relapsed or refractory systemic ALCL, provide evidence that single-agent brentuximab vedotin may be a potentially curative treatment option. This trial was registered at as #NCT00866047.

  • Submitted May 23, 2017.
  • Accepted September 13, 2017.