Revisions to the staging and classification of mycosis fungoides and Sezary syndrome: a proposal of the International Society for Cutaneous Lymphomas (ISCL) and the Cutaneous Lymphoma Task Force of the European Organization of Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)

Elise Olsen, Eric Vonderheid, Nicola Pimpinelli, Rein Willemze, Youn Kim, Robert Knobler, Herschel Zackheim, Madeleine Duvic, Teresa Estrach, Stanford I Lamberg, Gary Wood, Reinhard Dummer, Annamari Ranki, Gunter Burg, Peter Heald, Mark Pittelkow, Maria-Grazia Bernengo, Wolfram Sterry, Liliane Laroche, Franz Trautinger and Sean Whittaker
This article has an Erratum 111(9):4830

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  • Elise Olsen
  • Eric Vonderheid
  • Nicola Pimpinelli
  • Rein Willemze
  • Youn Kim
  • Robert Knobler
  • Herschel Zackheim
  • Madeleine Duvic
  • Teresa Estrach
  • Stanford I Lamberg
  • Gary Wood
  • Reinhard Dummer
  • Annamari Ranki
  • Gunter Burg
  • Peter Heald
  • Mark Pittelkow
  • Maria-Grazia Bernengo
  • Wolfram Sterry
  • Liliane Laroche
  • Franz Trautinger
  • Sean Whittaker Statistics

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