Idiotype-pulsed dendritic cell vaccination for B-cell lymphoma: clinical and immune responses in 35 patients

John M. Timmerman, Debra K. Czerwinski, Thomas A. Davis, Frank J. Hsu, Claudia Benike, Zheng Mei Hao, Behnaz Taidi, Ranjani Rajapaksa, Clemens B. Caspar, Craig Y. Okada, Adrienne van Beckhoven, Tina Marie Liles, Edgar G. Engleman and Ronald Levy

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vol. 99 no. 5 1517-1526

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  • Submitted June 22, 2001
  • Accepted September 14, 2001
  • Published online March 1, 2002.

  • John M. Timmerman
  • Debra K. Czerwinski
  • Thomas A. Davis
  • Frank J. Hsu
  • Claudia Benike
  • Zheng Mei Hao
  • Behnaz Taidi
  • Ranjani Rajapaksa
  • Clemens B. Caspar
  • Craig Y. Okada
  • Adrienne van Beckhoven
  • Tina Marie Liles
  • Edgar G. Engleman
  • Ronald Levy Statistics

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