High incidence of biallelic point mutations in the Runt domain of the AML1/PEBP2αB gene in Mo acute myeloid leukemia and in myeloid malignancies with acquired trisomy 21

Claude Preudhomme, Delphine Warot-Loze, Christophe Roumier, Nalthalie Grardel-Duflos, Richard Garand, Jean Luc Lai, Nicole Dastugue, Elizabeth Macintyre, Claude Denis, Francis Bauters, Jean Pierre Kerckaert, Alain Cosson and Pierre Fenaux

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vol. 96 no. 8 2862-2869

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  • Submitted November 10, 1999
  • Accepted June 20, 2000
  • Published online October 15, 2000.

  • Claude Preudhomme
  • Delphine Warot-Loze
  • Christophe Roumier
  • Nalthalie Grardel-Duflos
  • Richard Garand
  • Jean Luc Lai
  • Nicole Dastugue
  • Elizabeth Macintyre
  • Claude Denis
  • Francis Bauters
  • Jean Pierre Kerckaert
  • Alain Cosson
  • Pierre Fenaux Statistics

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