Mutations in the gene encoding neutrophil elastase in congenital and cyclic neutropenia

David C. Dale, Richard E. Person, Audrey Anna Bolyard, Andrew G. Aprikyan, Cindy Bos, Mary Ann Bonilla, Laurence A. Boxer, George Kannourakis, Cornelia Zeidler, Karl Welte, Kathleen F. Benson and Marshall Horwitz

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vol. 96 no. 7 2317-2322

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  • Submitted April 4, 2000
  • Accepted June 7, 2000
  • Published online October 1, 2000.

  • David C. Dale
  • Richard E. Person
  • Audrey Anna Bolyard
  • Andrew G. Aprikyan
  • Cindy Bos
  • Mary Ann Bonilla
  • Laurence A. Boxer
  • George Kannourakis
  • Cornelia Zeidler
  • Karl Welte
  • Kathleen F. Benson
  • Marshall Horwitz Statistics

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