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von Willebrand Factor Propeptide in Vascular Disorders: A Tool to Distinguish Between Acute and Chronic Endothelial Cell Perturbation

  1. Jan A. van Mourik,
  2. Ria Boertjes,
  3. Inge A. Huisveld,
  4. Karin Fijnvandraat,
  5. Dasja Pajkrt,
  6. Perry J.J. van Genderen, and
  7. Rob Fijnheer
  1. 1 From the CLB, Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation; the Department of Medical Physiology and Sports Medicine, University of Utrecht, Utrecht; University of Amsterdam, Emma Children’s Hospital Academic Medical Center, the Departments of Pediatrics and Experimental Internal Medicine, Amsterdam; the Department of Hematology, University Hospital Dijkzigt, Rotterdam; and the Department of Hematology, University Hospital Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
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