Flavopiridol Induces Apoptosis of Normal Lymphoid Cells, Causes Immunosuppression, and Has Potent Antitumor Activity In Vivo Against Human Leukemia and Lymphoma Xenografts

Francisco Arguello, Mark Alexander, Judith A. Sterry, Gabriela Tudor, Erik M. Smith, Naina T. Kalavar, John F. Greene Jr, William Koss, C. David Morgan, Sherman F. Stinson, Timothy J. Siford, W. Gregory Alvord, Richard L. Klabansky and Edward A. Sausville

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vol. 91 no. 7 2482-2490

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  • Submitted July 23, 1997
  • Accepted November 17, 1997
  • Published online April 1, 1998.

  • Francisco Arguello
  • Mark Alexander
  • Judith A. Sterry
  • Gabriela Tudor
  • Erik M. Smith
  • Naina T. Kalavar
  • John F. Greene Jr
  • William Koss
  • C. David Morgan
  • Sherman F. Stinson
  • Timothy J. Siford
  • W. Gregory Alvord
  • Richard L. Klabansky
  • Edward A. Sausville Statistics

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