Hageman-factor-dependent fibrinolysis: generation of fibrinolytic activity by the interaction of human activated factor XI and plasminogen

RJ Jr Mandle and AP Kaplan


Human coagulation factor XI has been purified, and upon activation with Hageman factor fragments, was found to convert the fibrinolytic proenzyme plasminogen to plasmin. This proactivator activity was shown to be functionally and antigenically distinct from prekallikrein. When the gamma-globulin fractions of plasma deficient in Hageman factor, prekallikrein and factor XI were isolated, factor-XI-deficient plasma possessed two-thirds of the plasminogen proactivator activity of the Hageman-factor-deficient plasma, while prekallikrein deficient plasma had only one-third of the plasminogen proactivator activity. Thus, the Hageman-factor-dependent plasminogen proactivator previously reported to be present in the gamma-globulin fraction of normal human plasma is a function of prekallikrein and factor XI, while the activity observed in prekallikrein-deficient plasma is attributable to factor XI. When compared utilizing digestion of iodinated fibrin, prekallikrein and factor XIa had similar potency per active site; they were, however, far less active than urokinase.