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Decrease of mast cells in W/Wv mice and their increase by bone marrow transplantation

  1. Y Kitamura,
  2. S Go, and
  3. K Hatanaka


Production of tissue mast cells was evaluated in genetically anemic mice of W/Wv genotype and was found to be abnormal. In the skin of adult W/Wv mice the number of mast cells/cm was less than 1% of the number observed in the congeneic +/+ mice. No mast cells were detectable in other tissues of the W/Wv mice. After transplantation of bone marrow cells from +/+ mice the number of mast cells in the skin, stomach, caecum, and mesentery of the W/Wv mice increased to levels similar to those of the +/+ mice. These results show that the W/Wv mouse is a useful tool for the investigations concerning the physiologic roles and the origin of mast cells.